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Holidaying in Maldives on Spa Retreat
Maldives Has wide selection of spas located in beautiful Resort Islands. These spas are catagorised as one of the top spas around the world. You may book a holiday with spa treatments or you may book a spa treatments once you get to the resort. Our staffs will guide you through whole process to have your dream holiday organised and booked as you may prefer. more information on spas

Liveaboards, Safaris or Cruisers
Are you willing to spend your diving holiday on a luxury safari yacht and see all what Maldives has to offer and yet go diving every day. With a liveaboard you may see the different parts of Maldives, go fishing everyday, or take a diving trip, or spend your day on a desert island or in a sand bank. Either you are a wave surfer, diver, or cruise lover liveaboard experience could be your best holiday. Liveaboards Maldives

Honeymoon in Maldives
Maldives could be the most perfect place for your honeymoon. With its pristine natural beauty, small islands, crystal clear lagoons, and white sandy beaches, and mass surrounding oceans. Maldives attracts huge traffic yearly from honeymoon market and have hosted many world known hollywood stars for their honeymoon. Maldives also recently been awareded by world travel awards as the world's most romantic destination.. Maldives Honeymoon

Bandos Island Resort - 7 Nights
US$681 per person
01st May 2008 till 31st July 2008

Sun Island Resort & Spa - 7 Nights
US$731 per person
01st May 2008 till 25th Julyl 2008

Paradise Island Resort - 7 Nights
US$739 per person
01st May 2008 till 25th July 2008

Angasana Resort & Spa, Velavaru- 7 Nights
5 Star Deluxe - US$1856 per person
01st May 2008 till 30th September 2008

. TOP SPECIAL DEAl - Summer Island- 7 Nights
. Everything Included - All Inclusive
. For Only US$680 per person for 7 Nights
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More Packages

Royal Island Resort & Spa - heavy discounted luxury
Royal Island is located in Baa atoll, 75km North West of Malé, the capital city of the Maldives. Of a total of 50 islands in the Baa atoll, only one fifth of them make up the population of this atoll. The remaining islands are deserted with there natural beauty intact and barely trodden-on beaches. Some of these neighboring uninhabited islands are ideal picnic spots for guests of the Royal Island and Spa....Royal Island Resort & Spa

Tourism in Maldives

Maldives tours is synonymous with scenic splendors, unsullied beaches, reinvigorating freshness, unperturbed ambiance, popular tourist attractions - simply a paradise for globetrotters. Maldives Holiday unveils to you the melange of myriad tourist attractions, picturesque countryside, lagoons, verdant verdure, palm-fringes and sandy beaches splashed with azure, jade and crystalline waters. The Maldives travels has something in store for everyone, that will knock your socks off! Weary travelers can sojourn and luxuriate in endless chains of holiday island resorts in maldives, hotels in Maldives. Sprinkled with high standards of spectacular services and amenities to keep pace with the international standards, Hotels in Maldives are a touchstone in hospitality industry. As throngs of tourists head towards Maldives making it one of the most hot-spot tourist destination in the world, we at Tourism in Maldives brings to you in-depth information on Maldives Travels, hotels in the maldives , bandos maldives, cheap flights to maldives, maldives packages, Maldives honeymoons, travel to maldives, maldives luxury, maldives accommodation. Flip though our pages and plan an awe-inspiring and spell-binding Maldives tours


Area : 90,000 sq.kms (1,190 islands)
Geographical Location : Indian Ocean
Immediate Neighbours : India & Sri Lanka
Status : Republic
Population : 2,86,368 (1993 official estimate)
Capital : Male (Area 1.77 sq.kms)
Airport : Maldives International Airport on Hulule Islands, 2 kms east of Male
Maldives Standard Time : +5 hrs GMT
Religion : 100% Sunni Muslim
Language : Dhivehi, English
Literacy Rate : 98.2% (Age group 10-45 years)
Temperature : 30.4degree C (Mean Max)
25.4degree C (Mean Min)
Monsoons : South-West : May-October
North-East : November-April
Average Annual Rainfall : 1948.2 mm
Currency : Maldivian Rufiyaa (1US$ = Rf 11.72)
Working House : Banks 8am - 1.30PM (Sun to Thur)
Government Office : 7.30am - 2.30 pm (Sun to Thur)

Fridays and Saturdays holidays.
Private Offices : Open between 8 am and 10am and close between 6-8 pm with a lunch break.
Credit cards : American Express, Diners Club, Eurocards, JCB, Marstercards, Visa.
Road Transport: Travel on most of the islands takes no more than half-an-hour on foot.
Bicycles and motorbikes are popular modes of transport.
Water Transport: Local boats or dhoanis (average speed of 7 knots) are the most common means of water transport. One can make use of the regular ferry service operating between Male and the International Airport. Modern speedboats are also available for hire.
Season: From November through April being the peak season, reservations for stay must be made well in advance. From May to October the demand and costs for accommodation are comparatively lower. In June and July, the Maldives experience regular showers with monsoons bringing in more wind and rain.
Social Customs: Handshaking is the most common form of greeting.
Currency: The basic monetary unit in the Maldives is the Maldivian Rufiyaa (MRf). They come in denomination of 500,100,50,20,10,5, 2 notes & coins) and 1 (coins only).
Customs Regulations : It is prohibited by law to import Alcoholic beverages, pornographic literature or pictures, narcotics, firearms and idols of worship. With the government imposing a ban on the killing of turtles, export of tortoise shell and coral is forbidden.

Maldives Travels

MALDIVES is a group of coral islands scattered across the equator in the middle of the Indian Ocean. The gem like islands depict the rare vision of a tropical paradise. The palm-fringed islands with sparkling white beaches, turquoise lagoons, clear warm waters and coral reefs teeming with abundant varieties of marine flora and fauna, continue to fascinate visitors, as it has fascinated others in the past, for thousands of years. Marco Polo referred to the Maldives as the 'Flower of the Indies" and Ibn Batuta called her in his chronicles as "One of the Wonders of the World". Measuring 820 Kilometres north to south and 120 Kilometres east to west at its greatest width, the closest neighbours are India and Sri Lanka. Comprising of 1190 coral islands of which only 202 are inhibited. Each island is surrounded by a shallow lagoon which is enclosed by a coral reef providing protection from the hazards of the sea. Hundreds of these islands along with other coral growth form an atoll. The islands are very small and low-lying with many being no more than two meters above sea level. Common features are tall coconut palms, white sandy beaches and crystal clear lagoons. There are no hills, mountains or rivers in the Maldives.

The Sun, the Sand & the Sea. These are just the three simple realities beckoning tourists from far and wide to these little islets, giving as a result, a glorious sense of happiness and proving to be a heavenly getaway from the world and its worries. The Maldives teaches the visitors the pleasurable art of doing nothing, simply lazing around and enjoying some of the most spectacular and colourful vistas offered by Nature. No wonder then that tourists flock in large numbers to the 70 odd self-contained island resorts ;provided with all the comforts and warmth exuded by traditional Maldivian hospitality. That is why Maldives is considered to be the ultimate destination, the future world for holiday-makers.